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Immunity Plasmoral®

Immunity Plasmoral®

Complementary feed with an innovative composition based on a complex of bioactive plasma proteins of plasma origin and other nutrients that help support the normal functioning of the immune system, such as in situations of acquired immunosuppression, infectious processes, stress, malnutrition, promoting the normal immune response of the animal.

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  • Ingredients with clinical studies
  • Suitable modes of use according to the weight of the pet
  • Easily divisible tablet

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Clinical studies
Proven effectiveness in clinical study
Chicken protein-free
Without preservatives.
sin colorantes
No artificial colorings
Easily divisible tablets.
Easily divisible tablet


A complex of bioactive plasma proteins, minerals, and vitamins

Helps maintain normal immunity at the level of the intestinal mucosa, contributing to reducing the incidence of vaccination-associated diarrhea.

Oat bran

Provides beta-glucans that contribute to protecting against infections.

Dry extract of Scutellaria baicalensis

Provides Baicalin known for its antioxidant properties.


Balances physiological stress processes.

Provides ginsenosides, contributing to balancing physiological stress processes.


Contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Vitamins B6, B12

Contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.


Contributes to the maintenance of mucous membranes, skin, and coat under normal conditions.


Immunity Plasmoral®

60 tablets pack, in blister packs. Blister of 10 easily divisible tablets.

60 tablets pack, in blister packs. Blister of 10 easily divisible tablets.

Discover our scientific study

What did we research?

We conducted a simple-blind, controlled clinical study with 124 Labrador Retriever dogs to assess the contribution of nutritional supplementation with Plasmoral® to immune function. One group was provided with feed without supplementation and the other group with feed supplemented with Plasmoral®. The duration was 1 year.

What were the study's conclusions?

  • Plasmoral® demonstrated to reduce concomitant medication.
  • Plasmoral® contributed to the overall good health of the animals.
  • Plasmoral® significantly reduced the frequency of diarrhea.

Do you want to see all the details of our study? Click the button to view the complete study!

What are the instructions for use?

  • For every 10kg of body weight: 1 tablet per day.
  • From 40 kg of body weight: 4 tablets per day.

½ tablet per day

Otras indicaciones

Oral administration.

Vaccination of Puppy Dogs: What You Need to Know

The vaccination plan for each puppy is unique according to its breed and needs. The veterinarian will establish an individualized approach that ensures adequate protection without unnecessarily exposing the puppy to unnecessary vaccines.

Pre-vaccination period in dogs:

Before administering vaccines, it is essential to ensure that the puppy is in good health. This includes evaluating their nutritional status and ensuring they are free from parasites or other foreign bodies.

During the vaccination period in dogs:

Vaccines can generate mild side effects such as fever, tiredness, or fatigue. In those cases, it is recommended to consult your veterinarian, preventing possible allergic reactions.

Además, la inmunidad se desarrolla gradualmente a lo largo del calendario de vacunación. Es esencial adaptar el plan de acuerdo con las necesidades cambiantes del cachorro, brindando protección efectiva sin sobrecargar el sistema inmmunitario.

After completing the vaccination schedule for dogs:

When your dog's vaccination schedule ends, continue with annual veterinary check-ups, keep booster vaccines up to date, deworm regularly, and ensure you keep track of their overall health with the veterinarian to prevent diseases and ensure their long-term well-being.

How does Immunity Plasmoral help maintain your pet's health?

Complementary food with nutrients that help:

Help maintain immunity of the intestinal mucosa

Contributes to reducing the incidence of vaccination-associated diarrhea and helps with symptoms in case of enteropathies and intestinal inflammation.

Help in protection against infections
Help improve symptoms associated with vaccination periods

Both in pre- and post-vaccination periods, especially in puppies.

Help in the normal functioning of the immune system against acquired immunosuppression

Due to prolonged use of potentially immunosuppressive drugs.

Consult your veterinarian banner

"At Pharmadiet, we encourage all pet owners to maintain a close relationship with their trusted veterinarian.

egular consultations with veterinary professionals are fundamental for preventive care, early diagnosis of health problems, and planning appropriate treatments.

Through our close collaboration with these experts, we work together to keep your animal companions in their best health, ensuring a full and active life for them."



1.Martí-Angulo S., García-López N., Viñarás-Otero M., Varela-Sende L. Effect of oral supplementation with plasma proteins on the immune response of puppies: a randomized, controlled trial. Clin Vet Peq Anim 2022, 42 (1): 15-24

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