Ear solution for hygiene in the outer ear canal and the pinna. Non-oily solution with a pH of 5.5 which does not contain alcohol.

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What ingredients does it contain?

The ear is the organ responsible for the extraordinary auditive capacity of animals but, also for its balance. The ear canals from certain animals such as dogs, entangle in order to help for its function, not enabling air intake that would allow a natural cleaning. Hence the necessity of a regular cleaning in order to avoid the toughening of earwax that would affect its hearing.

Otinet® is an otic solution based on water from Citrus medica limonum that helps keeping a healthy hygiene for the ear canal and the ear pavilion.

In what situations is its use recommended?

Otinet® is recommended for:

  • Regular hygiene of the pinna and the outer ear canal.
  • Cleaning prior to the application of treatment in animals with external otitis.

Which presentations are available?


Box containing a 125 ml bottle.

Nº Reg.: 06088-H

Which mode of use is recommended?

Shake the container before use. Press the container. Apply in the ear canal keeping the ear pavilion stretched. Do a gently massage around the ear base so as to distribute the product throughtout the canal. If necessary, afterwards, clean the ear pavilions with a cotton or a sterile dressing.

It is recommended a frequently use for hygiene reasons.

Species: cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, rodents.

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