Lysinviral® Plus

Formula with nutrients which help with the normal functioning of the immune system in cats.

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What ingredients does it contain?

L-Lysine, Enterococcus faecium, Betaglucans, Quercetin and Omega3 fatty acids: it helps keeping the immune system.

In what situations is its use recommended?

Lysinviral® Plus

  • Provides nutrients which contribute to the maintenance of the immune system.

Which presentations are available?

Lysinviral® Plus

50 ml bottle and a dosing syringe. Oral gel.

Which mode of use is recommended?

Shake before using. Take directly or well mixed into the regular food.

Use for 2 to 3 weeks is recommended.

For kittens (less than 6 months):

  • 1-2 ml/day.

For cats (adults, more than 6 months):

  • 2-4 ml/day.

Shake before use. Uptake directly or mix properly with daily food.

It is recommended using it from 2 till 3 weeks

Species: cats


  • Chicken-free
  • No colourings
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