Lagrinet® Neo

Hydrating solution. Product for eye hygiene and care.

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What ingredients does it contain?

Lagrinet® Neo is a sterile solution made of sodium hyaluronate, distilled Aloe Vera water and distilled Centella asiatica water with hydrating and filmogenic action that helps maintain the integrity of the surface of the conjunctiva, corneal epithelium and the tear film, helping to protect the eye surface against irritation caused by foreign bodies or contact with allergens.

The absence of preservatives avoids the harmful effects derived from its use on the corneal epithelium, allowing for increased frequency of applications and thus improving long-term outcomes.

For which conditions is use recommended?

Lagrinet® Neo is recommended for:

  • Eye maintenance, hygiene, and care
  • Situations in which decreased lacrimal secretion is observed
  • Small eye lesions caused by foreign bodies
  • Contact with allergens

Which presentations are available?

Lagrinet® Neo

Multi-dose container of 10 mL sterile hipoosmolar solution with filter. Thanks to its OSD dispenser, sterility is maintained and prevents contamination of the inside product. Nº Reg.: 01178-H.

Which mode of administration is recommended?

Topical use. External use.

Open the bottle and apply 1 drop on the surface of each eye while pressing the container. Since it is a solution free of preservatives, it may be used with the needed frequency and in the long term while symptoms persist. Once open, it may be used within 3 months owing to the OSD multi-dose system. Avoid contact of the applicator with any surface.

Species: cat, dog, ferret, rabbit, rodent, reptile, bird, horse. 


  • Sterile solution
  • No preservatives
  • Use within 3 months of opening
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