Lactadiet® Colostrum

Instant formula milk enriched with nutrients which contribute to the development of young during the first few weeks after birth until weaning.

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What ingredients does it contain?


Provides antibodies and it is a source of nutrients.

Vitamins, taurine, oligoelements and fish oil rich in omega 3 (DHA and EPA)

Appropriate nutrients for the development of kittens.

In what situations is its use recommended?

Lactadiet® Colostrum provides nutrients which help with:

  • The development of newborn kittens orphaned, unable to suck or with other lactation problems.
  • The development of the brain and eye tissues.
  • Supporting the immune system.

Which presentations are available?

Lactadiet® Colostrum

Box of 300 g containing 40 sachets each of 7.5 g (including a feeding bottle and 2 teats of the correct size for the kittens).

Lactadiet® Colostrum

Box of 1,005 g containing 134 sachets each of 7.5 g (including feeding bottle and 2 teats of the correct size for the kittens).

Which mode of use is recommended?

The number of administrations and the daily quantity of milk formula vary depending on the age and the weight of each kitten.

For more information, check the leaflte or contact your veterinary.

Species: Cats, ferrets.


  • Chicken-free
  • Preservative-free
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